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Laptop Battery online store, replacement Laptop Battery for Dell , all battery chargers and batteries are new, 1 year warranty!
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Laptop Battery for Dell

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  • Battery Type:
  • Li-ion
  • Capacity:
  • 4400mAh
  • Volt:
  • 14.4V
  • Weight:
  • 380g
  • Color:
  • Dark grey
  • Dimension:
  • 139.00 x 89.70 x 23.30mm
  • Original Price: US$34.69
    Special Price: US$26.02
    New, 1 Year Warranty! 30 Days Money Back!
    Please ensure the battery that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device. Please feel free to contact us if you have any query regarding the compatibility.

    This laptop battery can replace the following part numbers:
    1691P 1K500 2M400 312-0009
    312-0028 312-09 312-3250 3149C
    3H352 3H625 3K120 461-6399
    5081P 5208U 53977 66912
    6H410 75UYF 77TCJ 851UY
    8M815 BAT-I3700 IM-M150268-GB  

    This laptop battery can fit the following models:
    Inspiron 2500 Inspiron 3700 Inspiron 3800 Inspiron 4000
    Inspiron 4100 Inspiron 4150 Inspiron 8000 Inspiron 8100
    Inspiron 8200 Latitude C500 Latitude C510 Latitude C540
    Latitude C600 Latitude C610 Latitude C640 Latitude C800
    Latitude C810 Latitude C840 Latitude CP Series Latitude CPi 233ST
    Latitude CPi 366 Latitude CPi A Series Latitude CPi A300ST Latitude CPi A366ST
    Latitude CPi A366XT Latitude CPi A400XT Latitude CPi C Series Latitude CPi C333GT
    Latitude CPi C400GT Latitude CPi D Series Latitude CPi D233 Latitude CPi D266XT
    Latitude CPi D300 XT Latitude CPi R Series Latitude CPi R400GT Latitude CPi Series
    Latitude CPm 166ST Latitude CPm 233ST Latitude CPm 233XT Latitude CPt C Series
    Latitude CPt C333GT Latitude CPt S Series Latitude CPt Series Latitude CPt V 466GT
    Latitude CPt V Series Latitude CPx H Series Latitude CPx H500GT Latitude CPx J-Series
    Latitude CPx J650GT Latitude CPx Series Latitude PP01 Latitude PP01L
    Latitude PP01X Latitude PPL Latitude PPX Precision M40
    Precision M50 Precision Workstation M50    

    Any item you purchased from us is guaranteed
    We warrant that the products sold in our website are 100% brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship - We never sell used or refurbished batteries.
    • New, 1 year warranty
    • 30 Days Money Back

    Secure Shopping Guarantee
    Shopping from us is safe and secure. None of our customers have ever reported fraudulent use of their credit cards as a result of shopping with us. You can be assured that the information you give us is confidential. We do not sell, rent or share information of our customers with other parties.

    How To Extend laptop battery Life?
    1. Use the correct recharging procedure for your . Only use the power cord that came with your laptop or an authorized replacement.
    2. Follow correct maintenance for your battery when not in use. Don't leave it in direct sunlight, areas where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures such as car trunks.
    3. Use your laptop's power management features. The system will run at lower processor speeds when enabling power management features and it will go into "sleep" mode faster when inactive.
    4. New Li-Ion battery must be fully discharged and then recharged every 2-3 weeks.
    5. If you don't use your laptop for a period of time, you must fully discharge then recharge the laptop battery.
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